Practice Changing Pressures

Over time, I feel that as educators we can get swayed or slightly diverted off our ‘ideal’ path or our beliefs and ideas about how to teach children or how children learn.

I’m not talking about the things you read in an article that may have reflection and valid reasoning behind them, I’m talking about the little comments and suggestion from others- such as parents, colleges, and peers who say or do things but have not been challenged professionally to really understand what they are saying.

Often we can forget the reasons for changing these to the point where it can become normal practice. Until one day you wake up and finally look into the practice and realize it’s not what you intend to be like as a teacher… or that you are now better equipped with the knowledge to really understand why you want to change it…

Positive impact could be things such as readings on theory, reflection on our ideas, challenging our beliefs and questioning our reasoning behind things. The type of stuff that makes us think and reflect deeply to really understand why we do something or who it is really for.