Don’t be scared to be the educator you want to be.

Just because someone has a different opinion to you doesn’t mean you are wrong. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your way is inadequate no matter who they are – teacher, assessor, colleague, consultant.

You see I have been in the Early Childhood Sector for over 10 years now and this year is the year that I finally got the confidence in myself to be who I want to be as an educator, this meant making big changes to support my passion and drive in Early Childhood. Hopefully, these changes will assist me to fall back in love with my career.

I may seem like I am contradicting myself here and seem like I am judging other educators but when I talk about educating I don’t mean sitting on the floor cutting out 30 cut outs that mean absolutely nothing to the children, getting every single child to do the exact same artwork for a display on the wall or making your room look like a showroom where nothing is out of place because if you really value educating and you have been in the sector for 5 years or over you would know that the above is not educating because it is not for the children it is for the adult.  I think when that finally clicks a whole new thought process is born. If you have been in early childhood for a while and you still do this I would suggest you start researching, NOW because you are only just beginning your journey!

It may sound harsh but its true!

What do I believe in as an educator you ask? PLAY, uninterrupted, spontaneous, loud, quiet, messy, tidy, long, short PLAY. Supported by planned and spontaneous interactions and experiences. Love, if you don’t fall in love with the little people you share up to 5 out of 7 days with every week is your heart really in it? Child’s choice. The W’s. Why do we do what we do? Who do we do this for? Meaningful interactions, small groups, engaging environments. Open-ended recourses, sustainable recourses and environments, loose parts. Standing back and allowing the child to play, investigate and learn how to resolve conflict with peers themselves. The list goes on!

We would love to hear what drives you to be the educators you want to be!