10 years ago when I started my early childhood career I worked at a small centre in the coastal Tasmanian town I grew up in. We usually had around 12 children each day, it was such an intimate centre filled with so much happiness!

I worked with an educator named Teresa, who was also a family friend. I remember Teresa saying before meal times each day- ‘At meal times however much water you pour in your cup is what you need to drink because any more is wasteful’ After only a few weeks children only 2 years of age were pouring only what they wanted to drink!

I didn’t think much of it then but for some reason, I always come back to this teacher initiated suggestion. How AMAZING! If I am still thinking of this 10 years later the children that were in our care would be too! Water conservation is such an important issue in our society. In our workplace, simple examples like this can open avenues for teaching about sustainability, global warming and all about the world around us and how we can look after it!