Teaching is Reflection


It wasn’t until I finished my diploma in early childhood (3 years) , completed almost 2 years of teacher registration and moved across the ditch to Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory that I really truly began to understand just how beneficial and necessary reflection really is for your personal development, growth and knowledge  and teaching practice.

I feel like I learn something every day about teaching in early childhood. I’ve been in early childhood going on 9 years now and I STILL have ‘holy sh**’ moments every single day! Nicola and I have worked together for 3ish years now, but we are now in the same room and going through some sort of ’24/7 mind explosion reflection craze’ where we are constantly researching, thinking, reflecting, discussing, researching… over and over and over… about our teaching practice. Late night text novels been sent, calls about Eureka moments, articles flying out of the printer and flung backward and forwards between us… We feel like our minds are in overdrive!

I have learned so much through reflection it’s like the connection between gaining knowledge and making sense of it in your mind. When I reflect I ‘SEE’ more than what I originally saw, I ‘HEAR’ more than I originally heard. I feel if you don’t reflect in enough depth about new knowledge its like you only have a superficial understanding of it or sometimes the wrong understanding. I guess reflection encourages you to research more about separate parts of what you have learned and allows you to really break it down. In early childhood we reflect on experiences, our actions, and interactions; we then analyze them and break them down. Through this process, we can see things such as children’s true interests, ways in which we can expand children’s learning and development and it helps us to truely understand why we are doing what we do and why we say what we say.

We do not learn from experience… We learn from reflecting on experience…” – John Dewey

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