As a Mum one of the biggest things I need to feel like my child is in the right hands is for his educators to be personal! Ask me how I am, tell me how you gave my little one the biggest cuddles to reassure him through the day, let me see a glimpse of your personality, have a joke with me, talk about my child’s learning!

Some may not agree. Whether it be because they don’t see this as professional, they feel uncomfortable consoling a visibly distressed 2-year-old or they just don’t feel comfortable having this kind of relationship with clients.

I have a hard time not getting personal. I believe if you have trusted me so wholeheartedly to keep your prized possession safe, to teach them, to encourage them to be themselves sometimes more than you have the opportunity to, then I will be personal! I too am in your position and I have found recently that those who aren’t personal simply are not as enthusiastic about their role.

I can proudly say that I have had coffee and breaky dates with some of my families (in fact I had one this morning, and my son ate the majority of Miss E’s Dad’s bacon!) this is how I establish and maintain the amazing relationships I have made with my families over the years. It is not unlikely for me to have a play date with families from work, a Mums night out or to be messaging back and forth to support them during some of the toughest times of their parenting journey.

Sometimes I doubt myself and my relationships, but today when I was adoring a centre on the Sunshine Coast whose photos and posts I have absolutely fallen in love with I came across a piece of documentation that the owner and educator had written. I was left in tears, not only because the words are so beautiful but also because this gave me reassurance that my style of educating may not be for everyone but it is definitely for me.

I can’t wait to write one of my beautiful children a letter of this depth and even more I can’t wait until my son receives one. Molly took a really sad experience in her life and turned it into a story of Harper’s growth, one that captures the amazing connection she has not only with Harper but her family as well.