Marte Meo

Maria Aarts & Josje Aarts

Respectful Interactions

I saw Maria at the Early Childhood Australia Conference in Darwin last October 2016 and really enjoyed and felt inspired by her practice of Marte Meo. (What is MARTE MEO?)

I recently went looking for more information about interactions and thought of Maria’s theory. I found these awesome videos from ‘Mat Time’ by Storypark that explain some of the techniques and how Marte Meo works. It has really made me rethink (again) about how much we can further increase the quality of our everyday interactions with children to help their development and well-being. I really love the way Maria and her sister speak about children and the passion they have for this. It is the most respectful way we could interact.

I feel it is one of those core parts of being a Teacher/Educator.

Links to videos on Youtube below
Maria part 1
Maria part 2
Josje part 1
Josje  part 2

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